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Author Topic: 1st gear delay  (Read 3430 times)

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October 04, 2014, 05:48:49 PM
Hi guys. New to the forum and have a question already.
I'm having an issue with 1st gear.  My clutch feels great in all gears beyond that.   For some reason trying to get the bike rolling I can let the clutch out all the way in 1st and nothing happens.  Almost as if it is in neutral.  Then all of a sudden it will snap into first.  Gets really annoying.   But one I'm riding 1st gear works like a charm and have no problems getting into it.  Only happens when I am stopped.   Bike is a 2000 cr125r by the way.  Thanks for any advice


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November 18, 2014, 05:11:30 PM
Welcome to the forum! Glad you signed up, but I'm sorry to hear you're having a clutch problem.

First, check your clutch cable tension and your drive chain tension.
Your clutch lever should have just a little play in it, a millimeter or two before feeling any tension from the clutch.
And your drive chain should have a moderate amount of slack. A chain that is too tight can cause a transmission to not get into gear easily.

If those are good, move on to the clutch lever and cable. When you are standing still, you tend the pull the clutch in all the way, more tightly, versus when you are riding you give the clutch a quicker snap. That might account for it working better while riding. Pulling it in all the way might be reaching some point where something is catching. Could be a kink in the clutch cable. Look it over really good, feel for any bends of bumps. When you let go of the clutch lever, does it go back into position? Or does it also hang there until snapping into gear? The lever could also be caught if it were damaged somehow.

It would be easy to check if the cable or lever are hung up by disconnecting the far end of the cable from the little lever down on the left side of your crankcase. If your clutch lever and cable move back and forth freely then you can assume there's no problem there.

Next in line is the lever down on the left crankcase. When rotated it pushes a rod in the transmission that opens your clutch plates. That piece may be getting worn or catching on the rod when you pull the lever in all the way. Only way to check it is to remove and inspect it.

If that's good, move on to the clutch itself.

Your clutch basket may have some notches in it where the clutch plates are catching. I suppose you could file the notches down, but you may need a new basket. That's still better than having to work on the actual transmission. If you're able to shift through gears fine and ride without slipping, then I'd assume your clutch plates are good.

So if the lever, cable and clutch basket all look good, and your chain is at the proper tension... you may have transmission problem.

Let me know what you find out. I'll keep an eye on this topic.
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November 28, 2014, 10:54:43 AM
Sounds like a solid procedure. Obviously there should be good oil in the transmission, and the shift lever itself needs to be in the proper position. Maybe rotate it one tooth to see if it can be pushed a little further into 1st. Sounds like it's almost getting there.

If all the above are okay, maybe in the transmission the shift forks are just slightly worn and not quite pushing the transmission into 1st. I'm not a transmission guy, but that seams possible.

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